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M1 southbound within J25 | Southbound | Road Works
Location : The M1 southbound between junctions J25 and J24 . Lane Closures : Lane three is closed. Reason : Road repairs. Status : Currently Active. Period : expect disruption until 21:00 on 24 August 2017. Lanes Closed : There is one of four lanes closed.
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Illegal Immigrants

Business Continuity Plan
Business Continuity Plan
Key Contacts
Key Contacts
Incident Plan - Fire
Illegal Immigrants
Incident Plan
Major Traffic Incident
Countywide Travellers Unit
Loss of Utilities
Loss of Utilities
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Incident Plan - Floods
Fire & Floods
Buddy Business Scheme
Buddy Business Scheme

If you or a member of staff would like to report a illegal immigrant or suspected illegal immigrant incident (Either believe to have been in vehicle, or suspect maybe in vehicle), Northamptonshire Police advise the following steps.

  1. Call Northamptonshire Police (999 Emergencies or 101 Non Emergencies)
  2. Highlight risks to your colleagues who have been in or are due to be in contact with vehicle (Risk include reported cases of Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome)
  3. Complete Form below
  4. Await advice from Police
  5. It is a business decision whether or not to open the doors of a vehicle. Individual businesses may have a policy on recommended actions / activities.

Immigration Business Incident Reporting Form

The Key contacts information section to your right also provides telephone numbers for other services.

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