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For 25 years ACS have been proactive participants in the change and evolution of workplace design. The needs of our clients have facilitated the breadth of our business. We build connected workplace environments with technologycommunications and interiors then place your cyber security at the heart of our proposition. Our commitment to grow talent and develop expertise has enabled our team to lead the way in business best practice generating long term value and competitive advantage for our clients. In collaboration with our trusted partners we create experiences to be proud of.

CYBER SECURITY: Your workplace Cyber Security should always be proactive not just reactive. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of sophisticated, resilient solutions. As new security risks arise we review the threat landscape and what is takes for businesses to tackle it. Our experienced and accredited security team can help you to protect your business against today and tomorrow’s ever-evolving threats. As an IASME Licensed Certification Body we offer auditing consultancy and for the government led Cyber Essentials certification

TECHNOLOGY: In workplace Technology we place emphasis on flexibility and rapid decision-making, freeing employees to do more with less. We provide and implement technologies for a more connected, efficient and modern workplace, as well as investing in strategies for training or re-skilling workers to be digitally competent. Our team understands our clients’ need for comprehensive visibility across a business and transforming that into real-time data. You should have the tools to make intelligent decisions about how the business uses its resources.

COMMUNICATIONS: Communications draw on our best-in-class consulting, solutions, services and implementation expertise to ensure our services are able to operate efficiently in a new landscape. Our Communications products are designed and developed around your own unique business ensuring you get the right solution needed to guarantee effective communications across your workplace. Our tailored communications solutions simplify client systems and deliver real business benefits

INTERIORS: Our Interiors team thrive in discovering your challenges and opportunities to create a bespoke response that places how you use your space at the heart of our approach. Workplace design should evoke positive emotions and challenge the status quo to ensure continued stability and a thriving business. We cultivate true partnerships with our customers that go beyond your furniture requirements. We offer a wide range of extended services that benefit the project fulfilment and your time constraints.


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