Security on Brackmills


Security is a key focus for the Brackmills BID, and we’re proud to say that since becoming a BID, crime has been dramatically slashed to an all-time low. 


One of the main reasons that security has improved is that Brackmills has its own Police Community Support Officer (PCSO). Paul Hurst is our dedicated PCSO who joined us in 2020. He has been a PCSO for 15 years, serving most of his time prior to joining us at Brackmills on the Wellingborough Rural Neighbourhood Policing Team. The year before Brackmills became a BID, back in 2008, the estate was one of the top UK targets for criminal gangs for theft to and from lorries, an area littered with cars, muddy verges and road hazards resulting in fatalities. But now thanks to the investment in a PCSO, crime rates are low.

Paul’s role involves regularly patrolling the estate and flagging up any security concerns to companies based here.


In addition to our PCSO, the BID also funds additional security for Brackmills Industrial Estate, particularly over bank holiday weekends and holiday periods. The BID team has partnered with Etiquette Security, and they work closely with the BID to keep the estate safe and secure.


In 2020, the 21 CCTV cameras across the estate were all upgraded, and we continue to maintain them so they are always working well. These are strategically placed across the estate and the CCTV Control team works closely with the Police and the estate management team. We also have Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras, also linked up to the Police CCTV Control Room.


A new Business Watch scheme has been launched on Brackmills – set up by the BID in partnership with Northamptonshire Police, Action Fraud and Neighbourhood Watch. Joining is free, with members set to receive messages, alerts, appeals and crime prevention advice from the BID and other partners. The scheme has been designed to:

  • Promote a safe and crime-free environment for businesses
  • Equip businesses with the information and tools they need to combat fraud and cyber crime
  • Create links with the local policing team and the estate’s dedicated Police Community Support Officer (PCSO)
  • Bring local businesses together to prevent and solve crime
  • Raise awareness of local crime, its impact on businesses and how to tackle it
  • Encourage the sharing of information

To join this Business Watch scheme Brackmills staff and employers are asked to contact PCSO Paul Hurst. Simply do this by emailing [email protected]. Include your name, email address, business name and business postcode.

Please make sure you report any crimes. If you witness a theft taking place, this would warrant a 999 call, as it is a theft in progress.  If you discover something has been stolen from your premises then you can report this by calling 101or reporting online here: