Brackmills supports knife crime youth mentoring programme

2nd May 2025
Rob White Mentoring

Businesses and VIPs gathered in Northampton this month to celebrate the launch of a unique knife crime youth mentoring programme.

Rob White Mentoring, set up to support young, at-risk people and launched by Rob in memory of his brother Eddie White who died 24 years ago, is being supported by Brackmills BID, Goodwill Solutions and a host of other Northamptonshire organisations.

Rob, unveiling his plans, told guests his focus was on tackling knife crime domestic violence and that his mentoring initiative had been designed to support young, at-risk people and help them shape their own lives through education, discipline and motivation.

“It’s about creating meaningful change within the community and approaching the problem of anti-social behaviour from a different angle,” explained Rob, whose aim is to have his knife crime prevention and first aid workshops added to the UK school curriculum. “80% of young people have problems and want someone to talk to and understand them.”

Derek Redmond, former Olympian and friend of Rob White, added: “Youth mentoring programs such as these are needed all over the country and if there is anyone in Northamptonshire that can make this work it’s Rob.”

Sara Homer, Chief Executive of Brackmills BID and chair of the Employment Advisory Board (EAB) at Five Wells prison in Wellingborough, said: “Along with Goodwill Solutions and other local businesses we are committed to supporting Rob White Mentoring, a vital lifeline for young people who may be struggling with their own self-worth.”

John Sherriff, Managing Director of Goodwill Solutions Group and Vice Chair of the prison’s EAB board, added: “It was an honour to support the launch of Robert White Mentoring services and to organise and hold this launch at our Moulton Park premises. A big thank you to everyone who attended and who has pledged their support for this life saving project.”