Charitable Team Commended With Award Win

Neil Hyett
Wed, 03/03/2021 - 09:48

Brackmills BID has presented another award to commend the efforts of an individual offering support through Covid after Neil Hyett raised funds in aid of an automotive charity.

Neil Hyett, UK Sales Manager of Miswa Chemicals, pulled together a group of colleagues to take part in ‘Breakout For Ben’, automotive charity Ben’s exercise challenge.

Neil explained: “Ben does fantastic work supporting those who work in the automotive industry and are financially or mentally struggling. Their support is probably needed now more than ever, but at the same time there has been a big gap in their fundraising due to the pandemic. That’s when I heard about Breakout For Ben and I knew we had to get involved.”

Neil liaised with Miswa Chemicals Marketing Manager, Zach Patel-Champion, to help get word out across the company and a team of five took part in the goal to walk 1722 miles in ten days.

Neil continued: “You could walk, run or cycle, it was all about getting out and getting exercise. Being on Brackmills Industrial Estate made this very easy as there are so many places to walk around. I would get up early and take a walk around the Country Park before work, then do the same in my lunch, and finally I’d take another walk in the evening. I then walked locally at the weekend.”

Zach Patel-Champion, who nominated Neil, commented: “Neil was so committed to this. He would take videos during his walks and I helped him put them on social media to spread word about what we were doing and encourage contributions. I also joined in as part of the team and I walked to Silverstone one day, which covered 16 miles.”

Neil added: “I had never done anything like this before, but I really enjoyed it. I knew I had to help out this incredible charity and there were also some health benefits too! Zach has done a lot of charity work in the past and he was a great support to me. I am very grateful for this nomination, but the award should go to both of us.”

Sara Homer, CEO of the Brackmills BID, said: “The team raised £248 for Ben and so we are delighted that we can present them with our ABCD Award. They are very worthy winners. Ben said he wanted a Pizza Hut voucher so that he could buy his team a pizza, which is such a lovely gesture. We created the awards to recognise the efforts of people just like Neil and Zach, and I encourage anyone who knows of a person on Brackmills who has gone above and beyond the call of duty to nominate them.”

To nominate please visit our awards page.