Stephen Hylton

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Stephen Hylton

Alcura, Director

About Stephen

Stephen is the Director at Alcura - a Wholesaler and Homecare company. He is in charge of quality on behalf of the company following the rules outlined by the MHRA, and has been in this role for several years.

Why did Stephen join the BID?

Stephen previously was a member of the BID board in 2010, working for a different company. He really enjoyed it as the BID did a lot of work for charity. For example, several directors climbed the three peaks, including Sara Homer, BID CEO. This BID also vastly improved the aesthetics of the estate as a whole. Stephen enjoys attending all of the very engaging meetings. He re-joined the BID in 2019 and continues to support businesses on the estate in many ways.

Outside of work

Stephen needs to remain “contactable” at any time for his job role. But when he is out of work, he follows the Leicester Tigers, back in the city where he’s from. He also enjoys photography. Nothing captures a moment better than a picture.