Mark Meadowcroft

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Mark Meadowcroft

Signs Express, Owner

About Mark

Mark moved his business to Brackmills Industrial Estate in 2010, where his business’ reputation has thrived as a well-known signage and vehicles graphics business that is first thought of in Northamptonshire. His proudest work is when he recognises vehicles driving down the A45, and he is able to say ‘that is one of ours’, it’s a buzz like no other.

In Marks words

“Since opening Signs Express on Brackmills, we have slowly built our reputation as the signage and vehicles graphics business that people think of first in Northamptonshire. It has taken time and been a slow process, but we have built up a regular stream of customers over that time.

We have done glamorous jobs and it’s great to have your flash colour change vehicle wrap shown at Premier League football grounds.

But I am also realistic that the stuff that pays the bills is often local jobs – anything from a vehicle graphic to a piece of signage. The thing I am proudest of are the vehicles I see on the A45. To be able to say ‘that is one of ours’ when you are driving past somewhere is a real buzz.

I am part of a franchise so I can talk to colleagues and we have tried to be quite zen about this. This includes not working at the weekend and accepting there sometimes not a lot can be done that afternoon. Instead I might do a spot of gardening.”