Alistair Shepherd

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Alistair Shepherd

Baxter Healthcare Ltd, Head of W&D UK & Ireland

About Alistair

Alistair has worked at Baxter Healthcare for 12 years, and was formerly a self-employed Project Manager and Consultant. He started his career in logistics at Curver Housewares in Corby in 1985 as a Forklift Truck Driver.

Baxter Healthcare is the biggest partner of NHS, serving over 800 hospitals and 4,000 home patients, with a variety of healthcare products and solutions to save and sustain lives. The company have been based on Brackmills for over 30 years, with more than 200 staff on site and a 24/5 operation.

Why did Alistair join the BID?

Alistair would like to make a difference on Brackmills Estate - Baxter Healthcare values partnerships as an essential business tool, networking is therefore something they work very hard at as an organisation. He recognises that good neighbours are good partners, so nurturing the relationship between organisations on Brackmills is fundamental to the estate’s success, and something Alistair is passionate about. The estate’s security and frequent patrolling was a crucial selling point for Baxter Healthcare, as this is vital in healthcare logistics.

As a directory, Alistair is keen to help improve road safety and litter picking/ rubbish clearance, and the whole ‘Brackmills experience’ by encouraging more participation in local issues. He has attended events on the estate including menopause awareness conference and the annual counter terrorism briefing, which are eye-opening and crucial topics to educate businesses on.

Outside of work

Outside of work, Alistair enjoys cycling and weekends away with his wife Tracey. He is also a dab hand at playing the guitar, enjoys going to music gigs, and spends a lot of time with his pet parrot.